Hacking For Dummies
                                                                     Let's start

If you read carefully all what i'm telling here, you are smart and you work hard on it,
you'll be able to hack. i promise. That doesn't really make you a hacker (but you're on the way).
A hacker is someone who is able to discover unknown vulnerabilities in software and able to
write the proper codes to exploit them.

NOTE: If you've been unlucky, and before you found this document, you've readen the
guides to (mostly) harmless hacking, then forget everything you think you've learnt from them.
You won't understand some things from my tutorial until you unpoison your brain.

Some definitions
I'm going to refer to every kind of computer as a box, and only as a box.
This includes your PC, any server, supercomputers, nuclear silos, HAL9000,
Michael Knight's car, The Matrix, etc.

The systems we're going to hack (with permission) are plenty of normal users, whose
don't have any remote idea about security, and the root. The root user is called
superuser and is used by the admin to administer the system.

I'm going to refer to the users of a system as lusers. Logically, I'll refer to
the admin as superluser.

Operating Systems
Ok, I assume you own a x86 box (this means an intel processor or compatible) running windoze9x,
or perhaps a mac (motorola) box running macOS.

You can't hack with that. In order to hack, you'll need one of those UNIX derived operating
This is for two main reasons:

-the internet is full of UNIX boxes (windoze NT boxes are really few) running webservers and
so on. to hack one of them, you need a minimun knowledge of a UNIX system, and what's better
than running it at home?

-all the good hacking tools and exploit codes are for UNIX. You won't be able to use them unless
you're running some kind of it.

Let's see where to find the unix you're interested on.

The UNIX systems may be divided in two main groups:

- commercial UNIXes
- free opensource UNIXes

A commercial unix's price is not like windoze's price, and it usually can't run on your box,
so forget it.

The free opensource UNIXes can also be divided in:
These are older and difficult to use. The most secure OS (openBSD) is in this group.
You don't want them unless you're planning to install a server on them.

- Linux
Easy to use, stable, secure, and optimized for your kind of box. that's what we need.

I strongly suggest you to get the SuSE distribution of Linux.
It's the best one as i think, and i added here some tips for SuSE, so all should be easier.

Visit www.suse.de and look for a local store or order it online.
(i know i said it the software was free, but not the CDs nor the manual nor the support.
It is much cheaper than windoze anyway, and you are allowed to copy and distribute it)

If you own an intel box, then order the PC version.

If you own a mac box, then order the PowerPC version.

Whatever you do, DON'T PICK THE COREL DISTRIBUTION, it sucks.

It's possible you have problem with your hardware on the installation. Read the manual, ask
for technical support or buy new hardware, just install it as you can.

This is really important! READ THE MANUAL, or even buy a UNIX book.
Books about TCP/IP and C programming are also useful.

If you don't, you won't understand some things I'll explain later. And, of course, you'll
never become a hacker if you don't read a lot of that 'literature'.

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Hi there, I'm TDC.


This document is intended for logical or educational
purposes. I don't want to promote computer crime and I'm
not responible of your actions in any way.
f you want to hack a computer, do the decent thing and ask
for permission first. LoL !!

MC-tek has nothing to do with the author.

We are not responsible for you getting caught for wrong
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